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Solar power can contribute to uninterrupted family time and daily productivity. 

It also enables those that are reliant on technology and electricity to build their dreams, without restrictions. 

Why the shift to alternative energy solutions?

Continuous rise in electricity costs

The cost of traditional electricity supply has become unpredictable, leaving any budget exposed and vulnerable.


An investment in a solution with the potential to lower future monthly expenses, is smart.

The need for more reliable energy supply

When a constant and always-continuous electricity supply standard cannot be maintained, we want back up.


Putting alternative solutions in place is a smart, proactive approach.


Why manage the frustration when you can eliminate it?

Environmentally friendly

solutions that increases property value matter

We are a more informed generation that grasps the long-term impact of today’s choices.


The source of sun energy cannot run out and its potential to power the world, is so promising.

This, with a system that increases your property's value, is golden.

Recommended systems


Utility Backup System

This product offering enables you to still enjoy the use of basic applications during load shedding. How?

Through a pre-charged battery.


Hybrid Inverter System

This is one of the most common domestic solutions in South Africa.

It uses solar power combined with an utility backup system battery. It saves money on electricity costs and gives backup during power outages.


Grid Tie System

Purely installed to reduce your monthly electricity bill.

It serves as another power source, not an alternative one.

Why trust Luceat Solar

Why Luceat (2).png

Because you get the best advice, products, service and excellent after-sales service

We are big enough to provide you with globally renowned Victron products but still small enough to genuinely care and to take accountability for every installation.


If you are not sure which solution will suit you best, we will gladly assist you with a need’s analysis and a customised proposal.

Why Luceat (3).png

Because we offer competitive pricing and installation flexibility

We believe that no home or businesses’ premises or budget should be the reason they cannot also enjoy the benefits of alternative electricity solutions.


We strive to truly keep us all connected, regardless of your status or area. Help us help you by contacting us with your needs.


We will discuss options to make solar energy your solution, too.

Why Luceat (1).png

Because more than

300 other people

already do

Trust Luceat Solar as we have done more than 300 installations across South Africa- specialing in applications on farms and rural areas.

Dairy Farmer
“Maré is very professional and my installation was done so neatly.
I am not looking back at all.
Before this installation, my line fees were more than R2000 per month.
an expense I don’t have anymore..” 


—  Abrie Wessels- Off-the-grid farm installation


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Service Areas:

We are based in the Vaal Triangle in Gauteng, South Africa. Our servicing areas primarily include all Gauteng areas. Contact us if you are based outside of Gauteng so we can still discuss options to best assist you.

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