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Image by Jeb Buchman


Luceat means light

Luceat, pronounced as ‘Lukeet’, is a Latin word that means to emit light or to shine.

Luceat Solar is a well-renowned solar company, based on the outskirts of the industrial mecca, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. Servicing Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and Free State regions, Luceat specialises in solar installations on private farms, business parks, and residential homes.

Operating since 2019, Luceat Solar has managed to do more than 300 solar electricity system installations, primarily focusing on farmers and businesses wanting to go off the grid. 

Our vision is to become an organisation known for its passion to help all people live a better life. Solar technology should not be only accessible for a certain income group.

Therefore, we are on a diligent quest to - in the near future - find alternative product offerings that are more cost-effective, yet still reliable and lasting. Options to suit any budget.




Luceat Solar offers personalised solar service offerings and advice to clients, no matter how small your project requirements, each of our projects are treated with detailed care and attention. At Luceat we specialise to ensure that the right solar system is installed depending on your requirements and energy usage. 

Luceat design

solar design

Starting with a new project and want to go solar?


Let us guide you on how to go about getting your home/business off-the-grid and go load-shedding free.

Luceat installation

energy evaluation

Luceat Solar tracks and monitors your energy usage before installing any systems.


We make sure we use the right system for the right application. 

On-Site Consultations

Personalised service is what Luceat Solar is about. We will consult on-site about project requirements and offer a free quotation.

Luceat project site meeting

The Finishing


We assist with all your solar requirements from start to finish. Offering state-of-the-art workmanship and after-sales service puts us a cut above the rest. 

Luceat house

Meet Maré,

the face behind Luceat Solar

Mare self-portrait.jpeg

For most of my life, I pursued a corporate career as an electrical specialist. In 2018 in Spring, I dared to leave the known behind and pursue a new career as a farmer and entrepreneur.


Many conversations with neighbouring farmers, friends and family highlighted a mutual challenge that we all faced – power outages. I then decided to expand on my 20+ years of electrical knowledge and -experience by learning more about solar solutions.

My first installation was done in Aug 2018, not as an official business back then, but more of a favor for someone who entrusted me to try it out.


Since then, I have successfully completed more than 300 installations.


The most popular solution I have installed to date, is Run the Standards.

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